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The Halluci Nation Takes The Stage in Winnipeg - Recap

The Halluci Nation took the stage at Exchange Event Centre in Winnipeg, MB last night in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd, whom they surely did not disappoint.

As someone not overly familiar with The Halluci Nation aside from a few tracks, I wasn't overly sure what to expect. That being said, they put on a solid show.

Often times at shows featuring DJs, in my opinion the nights can get a bit static with performers standing behind the deck and not interacting much. Though the crew stayed put for the most part, they addressed this by having dancers in traditional wear, break dancers, flag waving entertainers, etc all come out throughout the performance.

Beyond that, they branded well - the seal was everywhere, from merch to flags to on the DJ table itself, and the laser show was consistent throughout. Background visuals were also very diverse, ranging from traditional imagery to video games and Hollywood actresses.

Perhaps most significant for me to witness though, was the crowd itself. Dancing the night away, some traditionally, some not - it didn't matter. You could feel the importance of representation of the Indigenous cultures in the music which blends multiple mainstream styles within it, and the crowd certainly loved it.

Nightshift Entertainment, the Promoter of this event, continues their hot streak tonight with the Bassjackers playing the very same venue.

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